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Vegas Chic Leggings
Vegas Chic Leggings
Vegas Chic Leggings
Vegas Chic Leggings

Vegas Chic Leggings

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Émil: Do you wish to place another bet, Monsieur?

Jan: No.  No, I guess not. 

The fix is in at Rick's Café Américain but it's still one of our favorite scenes from Casablanca.

Rick: Have you tried twenty-two tonight?  I said twenty-two.  

Émil: Marquons les jeuxMesdames et MessieursLes jeux sont faits.  La partie continueMarquons les jeuxFinisVingt-deux!  Noir, pair et passe!  Vingt-deux.

Place your bets, Ladies & Gentlemen.  The bets are made.  The game continues.  Place your bets.  Finished.  Twenty-two!  Black (vs. Red), even (vs. odd) and high (19 to 36 vs. low, 1 to 18).  Twenty-two."   

Rick: Leave it there!

Émil: Marquons les jeuxMesdames et MessieursLes jeux sont faits.  La partie continueMarquons les jeux.  Les jeux sont faits.  Rien ne va plus.  Vingt-deux!  Noir, pair et passe.

Rick: Cash it in and don't come back. 
Émil:  Rien ne va plus, Monsieur. Finis        

Everyone’s sure to be "looking at you, kid" when you wear our buttery soft stretch Vegas Chic Leggings.   Dressed up or dressed down, fun and fashionable, why not double down in style?  For something special, click Casablanca.

  • Elastic Waistband
  • Squat Proof 
  • Fabric Content: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • Care instructions: machine wash cold, hang dry  

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